Day 18 – The Bumblebee

This is an old page. You are currently viewing the 2019 version of the Where’s Wally Advent Calendar. For the 2020 answers please check back to the homepage, they will be up each day at (around) midnight.

Here is the answer if you are looking for the Where’s Wally Advent Calendar 2019 Answer for the BUMBLEBEE on day 18.

After The Scroll yesterday (so hard!!) which seemed to give everyone a headache, finding the Bumblebee today should be a little easier for you; unless you are someone who throws away the calendar doors in which case, why?!?! We’ve spoken about this, keep the doors!

Just slightly down and left of center of the advent calendar, on the top edge of door 11 you’ll find the festive (?!) Bumblebee. Just in-between the Giant Present and a man with a sausage on a pitchfork. This day is a weird one isn’t it. How have you found it? Is it easy or just a welcome relief from The Scroll yesterday? Have your say in the comments.

Wheres Wally Advent Calendar Answers BUMBLEBEE

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