Day 9 | Find The Elf Answer

Here you’ll Find The Elf answer for door 9 of the Where’s Wally 2023 chocolate advent calendar from M&S.

Down at the very bottom edge of the calendar, in the center, is, so far, where the door items have been hanging out. You probably remember seeing this elf somewhere right, yes, you have, likely yesterday as The Elf you are looking for today is right next to yesterdays Elf with the knot in her hat.. Just move your eyes a little to the left, past a santa in a sack, and there is THE Elf, lounging on top of a pink present.

A bit of an easy one today wasn’t it, won’t be many people reading this. You must be here cos you are just at.the.very.end.of.your.tether, it’s too much. Keep going, you’ve got this, the days will start getting longer soon!


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