Day 8 | Elf With Knot In Her Hat

Here you’ll find the Elf with the Knot in her Hat answer for day 8 of the Where’s wally 2023 chocolate advent calendar from M&S.

There seems to be a bit of a gathering of items/things/people/dogs?? to find in this particular area of the calendar. You’ll find the Elf with the knot in her hat immediately to the left of the dog you found on day 2, and just below the hat attached to the hand from a couple of days ago. Down at the bottom edge in the center of the box if you need a reminder.

How’s it all going for you so far? A week in, to easy, just right, to much effort? Let everybody know down in the comments or you can tag us on twitter or facebook. Don’t forget to share with your friends who might need it!


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