Day 4 – Santas Decorating The Tree

This is an old page. You are currently viewing the 2020 version of the Where’s Wally Advent Calendar. For the 2021 answers please check back to the homepage, they will be up each day at (around) midnight.

Here is the answer if you are looking for the Wheres Wally Advent Calendar 2020 The Santas Decorating the Tree on day 4.

C’mon guys really, do you really need to be here looking for this? You’ve seen it, it’s so prominent in the calendar, the tree is one of the only things that isn’t a santa! You can do this, you can find it, go on, take a minute….

ok, if you really can’t, you’ll find THE SANTAS DECORATING THE TREE on the front of door 12 (if you can’t find the door this page will show you). Scroll your eyes to the center and then far left of the calendar and you’ll find them. There you go, easy-peasy once you see it!


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