Day 12 | This Santa In The Sack

Here you’ll find the Find This Santa In The Sack answer for door 12 of the Where’s Wally 2023 chocolate advent calendar from M&S.

We’ve reached the half way mark, December is going by so quick!
Today is a good time to remind you to keep your doors once you’ve opened them!! You might be struggling to find This santa in his sack today because you threw away door number 1 all the way back at the beginning of December, oops. This santa in the sack can be found at the bottom right hand corner of the calendar, half on the top corner door number 1 👀 and just above the 2 elves from day 4.

You can check where all the door numbers are here).

Are you a door throw-awayer? Let everyone know in the comments, whhhy??


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