Day 11 | Find The Blue Hat

Here you’ll find the answer if you’re trying to Find The Blue Hat answer for the Where’s Wally 2023 chocolate advent calendar on day 11.

Wait, what?! Didn’t this always used to be called the wizards hat? not simply the ‘blue hat’. Hmm the person that wrote these doors is maybe new around here? Or maybe it’s an AI? Could be, not a very creative one this year though in my opinion. Oops sorry I mean we bow to our AI overlords.. got to keep in their good books(good data?) right? heh

You’ll find the wizards hat, I mean the blue hat just at the bottom center of the red chalet house at the end of the green banisters. Hiding behind and poking out of a crowd of presents being carried.

How long did it take you to not find the blue hat today before getting a helping hand? Share in the comments below or on facebook and twitter. Tag us!


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