Day 1 – Find the Binoculars

Welcome back!
Another year of Where’s Wally advent calendar doors to open throughout December and items to search for.

If you are looking for the Wheres Wally Advent Calendar 2022 answer to the day 1 item, the BINOCULARS you can stop searching, you have found it here!

Gone straight in at the deep end for 2022 with the Binoculars to find first, as if December wasn’t stressful enough. But that is what we’re here for, we got you for all the where’s wally advent calendar answers this year so you can sleep at night and get on with the important stuff like eating the tiny chocolates.

Not as tiny as it has been in previous years, the Binoculars are found directly under the christmas tree, on the left side next to a woman in a red coat.


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