Where’s Wally 3D Advent Calendar answer

This one isn’t as exciting as the M&S one (although much pricier!). There is no chocolate and what’s behind each door is just for decoration. You don’t need to try and find the items and characters behind each door as it’s only Wally you are looking for….. Oh, you already, did… oops. We also got confused by that and spent half a day looking for 4 santas carrying their sacks, before realising it’s just Wally that you need to find.

So here he is, the stripey teed man himself.. on the side of the tree where the day 1 door is located, top branch on the right.

What do you do after you’ve found him? You can always use the 3D tree as an expensive cardboard Christmas decoration or, actually that’s it, that’s all we can think of.


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