Day 11 – The Santa Fishing

This is an old page. You are currently viewing the 2020 version of the Where’s Wally Advent Calendar. For the 2021 answers please check back to the homepage, they will be up each day at (around) midnight.

Here is the answer if you are trying to find The Santa Fishing on day 11 of the 2020 M&S Where’s Wally Advent Calendar.

This one is also relatively easy, but in this kind of year, everything just feels that bit more challenging. So we’re here to help!

Go to the very bottom of the advent calendar, take a look at the bottom right hand corner, and there he is, just under the Snorkeling Santa from day 6. Naughty Santa fishing where he isn’t supposed to! Can Santa’s be put on the naughty list? He does look sorry, but the sign, it was right there!

*** If you are searching for the Camera on day 11 of the 2021 version, please CLICK HERE ***


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