Day 20 – The Bone

Here is the answer if you are trying to find The Bone on day 20 of the 2020 M&S Where’s Wally Advent Calendar.

Gona get right to it as this one was hard and you are probably already pretty frustrated.

Down in the bottom left corner of the advent calendar, The Bone is camouflaged into the snow. Frustratingly, you’ve seen it already! Way back on day 3 when you had to find The Fallen Santa.The bone is just to the left of the Elves hauling the fallen santa off of the ice.

How long did you spend looking for it? Has it been the hardest so far? Leave a comment below!


4 thoughts on “Day 20 – The Bone

  1. Margery Watts

    It was the hardest. Made even harder, because my granddaughter had circled the Santa falling over and partially hidden the top of the bone with black permanent market ?

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