Day 6 | Find the Scroll

Here is the answer/cheat code if you are trying to find THE SCROLL on day 6 of the 2022 Where’s Wally Advent Calendar.

Having a hard time? Scroll causing stress? Usually one of the hardest items to find each Wally Advent Calendar, so far the scroll is no different this year. So far it has been the hardest to find, as usual it is teeny tiny. But, is it only day 6 so….

Here is the answer: You will find the Scroll in the bottom right hand corner of the calendar. Behind the head of the man in the grey suit, next to the rack of ties at the santa suit booth. Ties? With a Santa suit. Weird.


One thought on “Day 6 | Find the Scroll

  1. Anna Shadlock

    Thanks very much from me and my daughter took us all morning to look for it with no luck..
    until I got idea to look for an answer on the Internet! Only day 6 an am already cheating 😅

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