Day 4 – Santa with the Floppy Hat

This is an old page. You are currently viewing the 2019 version of the Where’s Wally Advent Calendar. For the 2020 answers please check back to the homepage, they will be up each day at (around) midnight.

Here is the answer if you are looking for the Wheres Wally Advent Calendar 2019 SANTA WITH THE FLOPPY HAT on day 4.

This one is another tricky one, especially if you remove your doors as it is on one of the door edges, the edge of door number 3.

You will find Floppy Hat Santa just to the bottom left of the Man with the Umbrella from yesterday, between door number 3 and door number 5, underneath the woman in the spotted yellow dress.

wheres wally advent answer santa with floppy hat

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