Day 20 | Santa With His Beard Stuck

Here is the door 20, Find THE SANTA WITH HIS BEARD STUCK answer for the Where’s Wally 2023 chocolate advent calendar.

We’ve had elves, fairys, reindeer, this week seems to be find the santa week. This santa with his beard stuck is the second santa in a row. Does this santa look familiar… you’ve seen it somewhere but. just. can’t. remember. where…..

Remember the Elf you found 2 days ago? That’s where you’ve seen the santa with his beard stuck before. On the snowy roof of the chalet, just above the elf and inbetween to 2 large text boxes.

Also, another reminder, DON”T THROW AWAY YOUR DOORS, if you’ve been driven crazy looking today, and are a door-thrower-outer, that is why. You threw out the santa with his beard stuck with the door a couple of days ago on day 18. Ooops. Was that you? Do share in the comments.


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