Day 19 | Find Men looking at a Christmas Jumper

Here is the answer/cheat code if you are trying to find THE MEN LOOKING AT A CHRISTMAS JUMPER on day 19 of the 2022 Where’s Wally Advent Calendar.

Double chocolate day! That is an absolute banger of a Christmas jumper that man is holding up, who doesn’t need a mustard coloured jumper full of red balls. Although getting creepy salesman vibes from blue suit bloke.

C’mon, try again with this one, it’s one of the less tricky ones so you can probably do it. Not got the time? Mid December got you stressed? A reminder that a week from now Christmas will all be over!
You’ll find the men looking at Christmas jumpers toward the bottom right hand corner of the calendar. At the bottom of the ladder next ot the rack of santa outfits.


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