Day 13 | Find Woofs Tail

Here is the answer/cheat code if you are trying to find WOOF’S TAIL on day 13 of the 2022 Where’s Wally Advent Calendar.

Classically one of the harder items to find, Woofs Tail has been a weird one this year. Could it be this easy? Is it really right there so obviously in front of our eyes? But it’s so big it can’t be that? All things you say when….. you find Woof’s Tail for the 2022 version of the Where’s Wally Advent Calendar.

Honestly it’s still not 100% that this answer is correct, so if you manage to find a different Woof’s Tail pleeeease mention in the comments. Otherwise you will find it in the giant Christmas tree, very center at the very bottom, between the two ladders. Looks like a candy cane but it’s just too wiggly for that.


3 thoughts on “Day 13 | Find Woofs Tail

  1. Mark Boast

    When you are asked to find something it is normally exactly as drawn inside the door. The red and white striped object in the Christmas tree is NOT as drawn and does not look at all like woofs tail. I think this is an error this year and you can’t see Woofs tail.

  2. Robin

    I reckon the real woof is under the ‘Milk chocolate advent calendar’ label – the outlines don’t match up and there’s clearly art under there. My 6 year old is fuming

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