Day 1 – Find The Key

This is an old page. You are currently viewing the 2020 version of the Where’s Wally Advent Calendar. For the 2021 answers please check back to the homepage, they will be up each day at (around) midnight.

Where’s Wally Advent Answers 2020 has arrived! Shining some light on this year of darkness! Happy December everybody!

Here is the answer if you are looking for the Wheres Wally Advent Calendar 2020 KEY for day 1. The countdown has officially begun! Easing us in with a relatively easy one to start off the month, cos 2020 has been hard enough as it is! If you are still struggling though, we’re here to help, answer for day 1 ‘the key’ is below.

Again this year, the KEY is really really tiny. You’ll find it to the left of the santas decorating the christmas tree, just above the small silver bucket. About half way down the calendar on the very left hand side

Don’t forget to comment down below once you’ve found it! How long did it take you? Minutes? Hours? Days? Have you even managed to find the calendar, hopefully that isn’t going to have been the hardest part of all this!


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